Week 18 Boils Down To The Margins

The NFL, more than any other sport, is decided on the margins. Week 18 of the regular season—including Colts-Jags, Niners-Rams, and Chargers-Raiders—was insanity and further proof that the separation between teams can be virtually nothing.

Where To Listen

The discrepancy between best and worst in the NFL is always slimmer than we realize. The Jaguars beat the Bills and Colts! The Jets (with Mike White) beat the Bengals! The Texans beat the Titans! The Broncos whomped the Cowboys! The margins in any individual NFL game are tinier than Jared Goff’s hands. Which means games between playoff teams boil down to the bare essentials—referee interpretations and calls, special teams plays, and sometimes the literal bounce of the ball.

This is important to remember as we transition into the playoffs. The following weeks will be saturated with ESPN personalities screaming at one another about who is clutch, what quarterbacks are losers, and how some players/coaches just aren’t cut out for winning. Please remember what these narratives are based upon: games between really good football teams that more times than not, boil down to the margins.