The Myriad Of Ways To Lose A Football Game

An unforgettable weekend of football ends with the Titans, Packers, Buccaneers, and Bills eliminated from the playoffs. In the tightest divisional round in NFL history, what was the separation between winning and losing?

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There has never been a crazier, more dramatic divisional round in the history of the NFL playoffs. All four games (Bengals-Titans, Niners-Packers, Rams-Bucs, Bills-Chiefs) ended on the final play of the game. All four games showcased the myriad of ways one team can lose a football game: offensive line issues, special teams meltdowns, questionable coaching decisions, star quarterbacks catching fire, and kickers making kicks. All four games were separated by the thinnest of margins, a harsh reminder for the Titans, Packers, Bucs, and Bills that one play or decision is capable of ending your season.