Bengals & Rams Advance To The Super Bowl

Six consecutive NFL playoff games have come down to the margins. The Bengals and Rams are advancing to the Super Bowl while the Chiefs and the Niners are going home. It is remarkable how slim the separation is between winning and losing in the NFL.

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Topics discussed on this episode:

  • The incredible swing plays that can decide football games, like the Bengals goal line stand at the end of the 1H to maintain an 11-point deficit.
  • Joe Burrow, balling.
  • Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense losing their collective minds in the 2H/OT of the AFC Championship game.
  • Joe Mixon, fumble or no fumble.
  • Reminder: a quarterback is only as good as his kicker.
  • Jimmy Garropolo vs Matt Stafford and the incredible swing in narrative that comes from a dropped interception.
  • Sean McVay vs Kyle Shanahan: game management war of attrition.
  • The absurdity of the NFL's first down measurement system.
  • It will never make sense how one play in one playoff game can drastically alter perception of an entire person's career.