How Much Can One Player Impact A Specific Side Of The Ball?

In a team sport, situation matters. As teams downshift in the playoffs to small-ball lineups—maximizing their mobility and versatility—individual defenders are stressed in different ways. What is fair to ask of any one player?

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Episode CliffsNotes:

  • Teams are more willing to go small in the postseason than the regular season.
  • The greatest small-ball lineups of all time possess size.
  • Not everyone has the luxury of going small and in the playoffs, that can be a fatal flaw.
  • The debate surrounding Rudy Gobert.
  • The Boston Celtics defense.
  • Musings on Steph Curry as the focal point of a poor 2021 Warriors offense.
  • How much should Nikola Jokic be blamed for Denver's playoff failings against Golden State?
  • Dirk Nowitzki's 2007 MVP campaign.
  • How much can be asked of one player in a team sport?