Respect Your Elders

The longevity that is on display across the sporting world—and especially the level these athletes are still playing at—is truly astounding. Look no further than John Stockton, Karl Malone, LeBron James, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Whitworth, and Alex Ovechkin.

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Episode CliffsNotes:

  • John Stockton played 19 seasons in the NBA and missed 22 total games, 18 of them coming in the 1998 season.
  • Karl Malone played 18 seasons with the Utah Jazz and missed 10 total games.
  • Lebron James is playing in his 19th NBA season, averaging 29 ppg, 8 rpg, 6 apg, and just dropped 56 on the Golden State Warriors.
  • Phil Mickelson won the PGA Championship at age 50.
  • Tom Brady led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns at 44, Aaron Rodgers just won back-t0-back MVPs at 38, and Andrew Whitworth was the starting LT for the Super Bowl champion LA Rams at 40.
  • Alex Ovechkin is playing in his 17th NHL season and has 34 goals and 68 points in 55 games.