Rory, Tiger, & What We Want From Athletes

The Masters is in full swing and Tiger has returned to the world of golf. What are the differences in what we want in our own lives vs what we desire from athletes?

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Episode CliffsNotes:

  • The method acting habits of Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • According to Adam Silver, the NBA needs to find additional ways to compensate and motivate star plays to play!?
  • Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy part ways and it's a negative reflection of Rodgers. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians part ways and it's a non-story.
  • The overwhelming mental side of golf.
  • The perspective of Rory McIlroy and the comprehension of mortality in professional sports.
  • The maniacal drive of Tiger Woods.
  • The differences between what I desire from my own life vs what I enjoy watching in athletes.