The Ascent Of Cale Makar

One of the most satisfactory aspects of fandom is following the arc of an athlete whose ceiling appears undefined. Over the last three seasons and change, Cale Makar has transformed into the best defenseman in hockey. What is his ceiling?

Where To Listen

Amongst individual players, Cale Makar has been the story of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He scored 10 points in four games as Colorado swept Nashville, leading Paul Coffey (4x Stanley Cup champion, 3x Norris Trophy winner) to heap praise on the up-and-coming defenseman. Speaking to The Athletic, Coffey said, "You can encourage (hockey sense), but you can’t teach it. The exciting part is the best (for Makar) is yet to come...His vision is as good as anybody I’ve seen. His first two steps on the opposing blue line and getting away from guys, I’ve never seen anything like it."

Makar has made an imprint on the Avalanche since his first game, scoring a goal in the first period of 2019 Game 3 against Calgary. That was the moment his ascent began and three years later, the climb continues.