The Odds Against Us Are Endless & Still We Have Made It

Week One of the college football season is complete and it’s time to examine the margins for Anthony Richardson, NC State-East Carolina, North Carolina-Appalachian State, Iowa-SDSU, and Florida State-LSU.

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On this episode:

  • Lisel Mueller:

the odds against us are endless,

our chances of being alive together

statistically nonexistent;

still we have made it, alive in a time

when rationalists in square hats

and hatless Jehovah's Witnesses

agree it is almost over

  • The Backyard Brawl is decided by a random pick-six.
  • North Carolina State vs East Carolina: somehow, every game comes down to kicking.
  • North Carolina vs Appalachian State: the most improbable final minute of regulation in recent memory.
  • Iowa vs South Dakota State: punting is winning.
  • The emerging star of the weekend: Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson.
  • The ending of Florida State-LSU: only in college football.
  • The diversity of what college football can provide is unlike any other sport.