The Riveting Nature Of Augusta National vs The Bland Experience Of The PGA Tour

The Masters and Augusta National are universally praised for creating the best possible golfing experience for players and fans alike. Why does the PGA Tour struggle to mimic their recipe?

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Episode CliffsNotes:

  • Augusta National is the gold standard in terms of conditioning a golf course.
  • The green complexes are sensational and maximize speed, firmness, pin placement.
  • Augusta National puts relentless pressure on shot making, both on and off the greens.
  • The best version of golf is equal parts mental and physical, and allows golfers of varying skill sets to compete.
  • Most memorable parts of 2022 Masters: Scottie Scheffler's ascension, the return of Tiger, Rory's final round.
  • The PGA Tour seems unwilling to follow the recipe perfected by Augusta National, despite The Masters being universally praised. Why?