You Never Know How Long A Championship Window Is Open

When things are going well, the future always seems to extend to infinity. But just as quickly as a championship window opens, it can shut. Ask the 2002 Kings. Or the 2012 Thunder. Or the 2021 Jazz.

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Episode CliffsNotes:

  • The tale of the 2002 Sacramento Kings and the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Every franchise has points in time where it seems like the pieces for a championship contender are starting to coalesce. And for the vast majority of franchises, these moments disappear as quickly as they came.
  • The tale of the 2021 Utah Jazz.
  • How much pressure is on the Phoenix Suns and Colorado Avalanche to win RIGHT NOW?
  • Time is a flat circle: four years after an upstart Avalanche team met the heavyweight Predators in round one, a heavyweight Avalanche team prepares to play an upstart Predators team in round one.
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs are as good as it gets.