Forget The Person You Were & Instead Record Who You Have Become

As Justin Herbert moves into his third season as starting quarterback of the Chargers, how different is our perception of him (compared to his senior season at Oregon) and what do we expect from him moving forward?

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On this episode:

  • Change is an inevitable part of life—projecting the depth and direction of that change is hard and at times, impossible.
  • Daisy Johnson in Everything Under: "The way I see it, he said, life is a sort of spinning thing. Like a planet or a moon going round a planet. Do you understand? Yes, she said though she wasn’t sure she did. Life is like that. Sometimes it’s facing one direction but only for a second and then it’s spinning and spinning, revolving on its base so fast it’s impossible to really see. Except sometimes you catch a glimpse and you sit there and you know that’s what it would have been like if things had gone differently, that is the way it could have been."
  • The variability of the NFL Draft. How can you even attempt to understand what a 20-year-old is going to transform into in the high stakes, high pressure environment of the NFL?
  • Projecting who will be the 2022 NFL MVP and discussing the top seven contenders according to Vegas odds: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, Russell Wilson, and Justin Herbert.
  • 2022: a bet on Justin Herbert to ascend to the top of the quarterback mountain.