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The Ascent Of Cale Makar

One of the most satisfactory aspects of fandom is following the arc of an athlete whose ceiling appears undefined. Over the last three seasons and change, Cale Makar has transformed into the best defenseman in hockey. What is his ceiling?

Injuries & Referees

The playoffs are where legacies are defined. The playoffs are also where the margins are tiniest. In a strange way, the championship aspirations of many teams boil down to injuries and referees.

What Is A Playoff Player?

There is nothing the sports world despises more than a star player with zero team championships to their name. What is the definition of a playoff player and who qualifies?

You Never Know How Long A Championship Window Is Open

When things are going well, the future always seems to extend to infinity. But just as quickly as a championship window opens, it can shut. Ask the 2002 Kings. Or the 2012 Thunder. Or the 2021 Jazz.

When Does Promise Turn To Stagnation?

Every year, one of the most interesting parts of the playoffs to monitor is this: who has room to grow, how do we give that to them, and when do we truly understand what a player is?