The All-In Mindset

The past few years have been a boon for the championship-or-bust mindset, with teams like the LA Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Milwaukee Bucks winning championships by moving their chips to the center of the table. How many teams are willing to follow suit?

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Episode Cliffsnotes:

  • The present prevalence of going all-in for a championship, echoed by the team-building strategies of the last two Super Bowl champs, the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Rookie quarterbacks vs the new age of the mercenary quarterback.
  • The NBA: tales of going all-in both good (Milwaukee Bucks trading for Jrue Holiday) and bad (LA Lakers trading for Russell Westbrook).
  • The NHL: where volatility reigns and many teams are willing to get aggressive in both trades and roster construction.
  • There is no one right way to build a champion.