The Difference Between Believing & Wanting To Believe

College football is finally here and Nebraska’s season is already over. How does this keep happening and when will it ever end?

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On this episode:

  • Lisel Mueller: "Hope is the singular gift we cannot destroy in ourselves."
  • Mitch Sherman of The Athletic: "Sometimes in sports, when a group of people repeats a singular talking point, I wonder who they’re trying to convince — the audience or themselves."
  • I’ve never been more wrong about something than Scott Frost as Nebraska’s head coach.
  • Frost is 15-30 overall and 5-21 (!!!!) in one-score games.
  • Me, four years ago when Nebraska hired Frost: "Scott Frost has returned home and many people (myself included) believe he’s the one to resurrect Nebraska from the dead. Maybe I have to believe this because the alternative is too depressing to confront: that I’m doomed to chase sparks from the past in spite of an open future."
  • 20 years have passed and the questions for Nebraska football remain the same. Where is a coherent plan for the future of the program?