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Monday Morning Kicker

An examination of the margins leads us down the wormholes of Baylor-BYU, Alabama-Texas, and Steelers-Bengals.

Hope & Competition

The NFL offers two things that every sport should aspire to: hope for every fanbase and night-in, night-out competition. How do college football and the NBA stack up in these two areas?

The Odds Against Us Are Endless & Still We Have Made It

Week One of the college football season is complete and it’s time to examine the margins for Anthony Richardson, NC State-East Carolina, North Carolina-Appalachian State, Iowa-SDSU, and Florida State-LSU.

He Loved The Earth So Much He Wanted To Stay Forever

An ode to the true opening week of college football, a sport that offers what no other can.

The Difference Between Believing & Wanting To Believe

College football is finally here and Nebraska’s season is already over. How does this keep happening and when will it ever end?